How adorable! Remember Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's mini doppelgängers from their 'Everything Has Changed' music video? Well, the two cuties were also spotted looking sweeter than ever at one of the shows on the RED Tour!

In a pic tweeted recently by a Taylor Swift fan account, it's clear to see that the two little mini-mes were enjoying the show. Swift's little doppelgänger is rocking a bubblegum pink Taylor Swift shirt while grinning broadly for the camera and giving her 'Everything Has Changed co-star bunny ears. Mini Ed Sheeran is too busy to notice, throwing a fist pump in the air with a look of pure excitement on his face. (Of course, he also looks too cute for words in a plaid button-down shirt and jeans.)

We not only love the actors in the music vid, but we think it is beyond sweet that they also rocked out at a Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran show. See the cute pic below!