It probably won't surprise you to know that at this very moment, Taylor Swift may have red lipstick on her vanity and Keds on her feet. But chances are good you don't know that one of her greatest fears is ... sea urchins.

Answering a string of rapid-fire queries from Marie Claire magazine for its "What's On" series, Taylor was asked things like, "What's on your bucket list?" (getting a college degree, by the way) and "What's on your nightstand?" (her glasses).

And what are her top five fears? In order: sea urchins, Googling herself, earwigs, cynics, and getting arrested.

A few of these we understand, especially the bit about Googling herself (that was probably especially rough during her public spat with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler earlier this year). And being arrested is never fun.

But what's with the sea urchins? She doesn't seem to have ever mentioned them before, so we'll just have to guess this has something to do with the fact that urchins can sting, and some varieties -- Flower Urchins, for example -- are poisonous.

Taylor also revealed her online bookmarks include fashion sites but "nothing celebrity or gossip related," her Pinterest board has "lots of 'believe in yourself' quotes," and all of her regrets have produced songs she's proud of.

As for what's on her "s--- list"? This won't surprise you a bit: "Exes."