Nobody puts Haylor in a corner!

Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend, One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, made all of her tween dreams come true -- and shattered a world of others' -- in one simple photo. The fairy tale enthusiast and the cougar-loving Lothario were snapped recreating the "lift scene" from 'Dirty Dancing.'

The photo appears to be, based on T-Swizzle's little black dress, from a post-Jingle Ball soiree. While their faces are somewhat obscured (Hazza's back is to the camera, and Swift's nose, appropriately enough, is lifted just out of the camera's reach), it's clearly Haylor -- and it's textbook Haylor behavior. Despite being photographed together in public holding hands, leaving one another's hotels, wearing one another's jewelry and making out, the couple remain coy when questioned about the status of their relationship.

The reenactment of a movie scene is just up Swift's alley, and perhaps a slightly more mature departure than recreating the storybook romances she sings about. (Seriously, did she really read 'The Scarlet Letter' that she references in 'Love Story?' Because it's clear that she doesn't know what it means.)

Of course, there are a few differences here: Unlike in 'Dirty Dancing,' neither she nor Styles are from the "wrong side of the tracks" -- in fact, they prefer private jets to trains -- and she's the older woman in the relationship, despite acting about Styles' age or younger.

We don't know how dirty their dancing actually got, but considering they each have squeaky clean reputations to uphold, we're guessing they kept it clean until the cameras were gone ... if only to keep Directioners from offing themselves and the rest of us from gagging.

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