London calling! Taylor Swift is considering plunking down some cash for a pad in Great Britain's capital.

Radar Online reports that Swift fell in love with London when she was there to promote 'Red,' but that the purchase isn't just for fun -- it's also a logistical move. When she tours in Europe, it'll be easier to crash and feel at home if she has her own place than if she's holed up in hotels all the time.

A source told the site, “Taylor is looking into expanding her property portfolio in Europe and London is one of her preferred destinations. She loves being in London, just because it’s such a vibrant city and if she had a base there, it would be easier for her to travel around Europe when she’s touring."

It's also a smart financial move for the singer, though probably unnecessary -- she had more money than most of us can ever even imagine. The source added, “She’s also realist who knows a successful pop career can sometimes be short-lived.” We happen to think she'll be just fine, but you never know! The spy quipped, “She wants to invest the money that's pouring in from the amazing success of 'Red' into real property." Smart girl!

The only possible caveat for her real estate purchase? It may not bode well for her love life. Just as rumors surfaced that Swift was getting close to One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles again, she's said to be looking at property there. It didn't work out well when she bought a house across the street from Conor Kennedy's grandmother, Ethel, so this may be yet another case of "too serious, too soon" for the 'All Too Well' singer. Here's hoping it works out!

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