Taylor Swift got to do something she’d never done before while shooting her latest video for ‘Ours’ — she got to work the camera. The nearly-22-year-old songstress acted with her faux boyfriend Zach Gilford to create the home movie effect seen in the clip.

“About to go make some videos… Home movies and cute things that I’m gonna be reminiscing back on while I’m in my awful work day,” Swift tells the camera in the opening shot of her latest behind-the-scenes webisode. The singer decided that having home movies intermixed in the actual video would give it a more personal feel, or as director Declan Whitebloom explains, “home movies to show the lighter side of life.”

The crew was going for a retro feel with the old school clips, and obtained the look by using a 8 mm camera effect. “We started to film Taylor and Zach doing those very actions together, like making their home movies,” Declan spills. “But we realized quite quickly that it was actually better to give them the camera.”

Taylor and Zach seemingly ran away with their newfound behind-the-camera freedom, even shooting when the director was out of sight, according to him. “They filmed each other like a real couple. That’s created a much more genuine, less professional look, which is what we were going for the whole time.”

Watch Taylor Shoot Home Movies in ‘Ours’ Webisode