Taylor Swift covers the December issue (her birthday month!) of Cosmopolitan, and the ‘Red’ singer is pretty in shades of pink and purple in a loose halter top and short skirt. Pink is part of the red family on the color wheel, so it’s close enough, right?

However, notice that the cover tag reads ‘Crazy for a Kennedy,’ which is outdated in light of recent events, since the singer and her summer beau Conor Kennedy reportedly split. Things ended due to the the fact that she has absolutely no time to devote to a relationship when she has a new album and tour to promote.

Her blonde hair looks a bit more golden in tone in these images, and it’s a hybrid of wavy and straight, as she gives off a sultry stare. Know what else is golden? Her sunkissed, flawless skin.

The inside images show the singer dancing and smiling, being generally carefree, which we know is rarely the case, since she is always so adorably neurotic and worries about things that haven’t (and likely) won’t happen, like an attack by earwig bugs.

T. Swizz is racking up the covers as she promotes ‘Red,’ adding recent issues of Rolling Stone, Billboard, Marie Claire U.K. and Glamour to her repertoire. Are you loving these fun, funky Cosmo shots, PopCrushers?