T. Swizzle x J. Lo? On a song? Yes, that's the rumor.

After their turbocharged live performance of 'Jenny From the Block' during one of Taylor Swift's L.A. shows last month, word has it that Jennifer Lopez and the pop-country crossover queen will further collaborate on record. They are said to be teaming up for a song on Lopez's new album, due out next year.

"Both of them are huge fans of each other and excited to work together!" a source told Us Weekly.

Generations and genres collided when Lopez joined Swift in August, which is when the collabo was said to be finalized. Now, they are taking it a step further.

Swift is 23 to Lopez's 44 and they could do some damage together. Is the pop music world ready for Taylor From the Block? We're up for and open to anything. The ladies displayed some serious chemistry when they performed La Lopez's biggest hit before thousands of screaming Angelinos and Swifties. A recorded collabo would be epic.

PopCrushers, whatta ya think? Would T. Swizzle teaming up with J. Lo fluff your feathers? Or is it too much diva for one song?

We're all about it over here.