Taylor Swift has always wanted to be a princess, and she's getting closer. No, she's not dating another member of Camelot -- but she is hanging out with British royalty. T-Swizzle may be singing for Duchess Catherine -- better known to the world as Kate Middleton -- for her birthday!

Metro reports that Prince William has been trying to surprise his bride for her big 3-2, and he wants Swift to serenade her.

"William's been trying to get Kate's surprise sorted for Jan. 9 when she turns 32," a source told British magazine Closer (via the Independent). "When he met Taylor Swift recently he asked her if there's any likelihood she's in the U.K. for the New Year, or just after, because he knows Kate's a fan and she's love to meet the singer."

It won't be the first time Swift has sang for the royals. Last month she belted out 'Livin' on a Prayer' with Jon Bon Jovi and Wills himself!