Taylor Swift finally admitted the real reason she writes so many songs about her exes: She has feelings, and those feeling must be expressed or ... or ... well, we don't know what, but it would likely involve an explosion of doilies and candy and sparkles.

In an interview with '60 Minutes,' she told Lesley Stahl, “My songs are always inspired by emotions. I break down emotions into like 50 million categories and one big category is sadness.”

(The other big category is "desperation." And another is "greed.")

“There’s the missing-him kind of sadness. There’s the frustrated-and-confused, don’t-know-why-it-ended kind of sadness ... There’s the 'I know we can’t be together but I miss you right now,' there’s the sadness tinged with anger, there’s the sadness that has guilt with it, there’s the sadness that has a little bit of hope that he’ll come back," she sighed.

"That’s why emotions are so beautiful to write about -- because they all sound so different to me."

That's just like, so weird, because they all sound the same to us: juvenile, void of any personal responsibility, off-pitch, obsessive and opportunistic.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Harry Styles. She's just really excited for the green of your eyes to melt into green in her pockets as soon as you imply you may not want to be chained to a radiator in her basement.