Taylor Swift taped her episode of ‘Storytellers’ in front of 2,500 fans and students at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California this week. The ‘Storytellers’ format is the absolute perfect platform for a confessional artist like Swift, since her lyrics and the backstories of her songs are as crucial as the melodies themselves.

In this preview clip, the singer, who will release ‘Red‘ on Monday, Oct. 22, spoke about the songwriting process of ‘Ours’ and ‘Love Story,’ two of her biggest and most beloved hits.

“I’m excited about telling the beginnings of stories, like the story of this song called ‘Ours,’ where I wrote it about this guy nobody thought I should be with,” Swift said prior to sitting down for her taping.

She continued, “So I wrote this song specifically just to play it for him, just to show him, ‘I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t care that you have tattoos. I don’t care that you have a gap between your teeth. I love you for who you are.’ And that song ended up actually making it on a record [Speak Now] and becoming a No. 1 song.”

How romantic, right? Swift truly mines her personal life and uses it as source material for her tracks. And imagine how special that person felt to have their story told in a song?

As for ‘Love Story,’ she said, “And then you take me being mad at my parents because they didn’t want me to date this dude when I was 17, and I threw a fit and ran to my room and wrote a song on my bedroom floor called ‘Love Story.’ So that turned into something that I never expected to be our first No. 1 worldwide hit.”

She made lemonade out of life’s lemons.

T. Swizzle acknowledged that her songwriting process is unconventional, and she is happy to share how she does things with fans. “Songs happen in really weird, strange, quirky ways, and to explore the start of them, where they were first brought into the world, where you first got that first little idea, it’s wonderful to get to share that with a crowd of 3,000 people,” Swift said.

Oh Taylor, we get sucked into your vortex of cuteness every time.