Taylor Swift's dumb, overused surprised face may actually be warranted today.

TMZ reports that a stalker who was found and apprehended on Swift's property isn't facing any criminal charges at all.

Jacob Kulke, 24, hopped a fence on Swift's property in Nashville on Dec. 14. When cops got a hold of him, he explained that he was actually just Swift's boyfriend and had ridden a bus all the way from Wisconsin to see her. (Apparently her actual boyfriend's style is more on the private jet level.)

Kulke thought his presence was a gift for T-Swizzle's birthday.

Why is Kulke getting off without trouble (wubble, wubble, wubble, wubble)? Apparently Swift doesn't have any "No Trespassing" signs on her property ... which means he can't get into too much legal trouble for showing up uninvited.

Further, Swift and her family didn't feel like pressing charges. It would take time out of her stalking Harry Styles. And no one likes a hypocrite.