Yeah, sex sells, but candy and sparkles musical phenom Taylor Swift isn't interested in showing off the goods because you should really pay attention to her music. Which is about her ex-boyfriends. Who've probably seen the goods.

See, it all comes full-circle.

"Most people are only going to focus on one or two things about you," she told The Sun. "I want that to be that I write my own songs, not that I have great abs."

But then she muddied the water by saying, “I don’t really take my clothes off because I don’t think I can pull it off.” Which sounds an awful lot like "if I had the body of a Victoria's Secret model, I'd be naked all the time and screw the music."

And speaking of the music, one reason she may take such delight in calling out the men who've broken her heart is that when she was younger, "no one ever invited me to their parties." So she's kind of the poster child for making a lot of bank on sweet, sweet revenge.

But Swift has plenty of friends these days, specifically rich celebrity friends like Selena Gomez and Emma Stone, with whom she spends time a lot of time talking about boys. (They also might braid each other's hair or have pillow fights. We're speculating.)

Perhaps the most famous name in Swift's address book is Gwyneth Paltrow, but Taylor is so cowed by it that she won't even keep her phone on her when she drinks, lest she drunk-dial the Princess of Pretension.

Probably a smart move. Swift might have a phony British accent by the time she hangs up.