Taylor Swift is not earning any love from fans of Harry Styles or his band, One Direction. The spindly blonde is the subject of a somewhat sexist, vitriolic sentiment: She, like many other S.O.s of male musicians, is being branded the new Yoko Ono -- the woman blamed, unfairly, for the breakup of the Beatles.

Sources say that Swift flew Styles to London for his performance on 'X Factor U.K.' on her private jet, while the rest of the group took their scheduled flights. Fair enough, but the same sources say that T-Swizzle had plenty of room on her plane, and the rest of the guys were miffed about it -- especially Liam Payne, who was actually injured when he got mobbed at the airport.

One spy the The Daily Mail, "There was loads of room for the rest of the band in Taylor's luxury jet but he didn't even suggest they traveled together. It's not really far off from the Yoko situation."

What's more, Radar Online reports that it's not just the relationship that's bugging Hazza's bandmates -- but also the likely eventual split. “Harry’s public romancing of Taylor has got the other lads all riled up,” a source told the site. “With Taylor’s reputation for writing break-up songs about her exes, they think Harry could find himself in a spot of bother if it doesn't work out and his actions are setting them all up for a fall. They also think it is moving too quickly and both have busy schedules, so it’s a difficult time for either one of them to commit."

There's also the inevitable marketing drama that this will cause. “Harry’s especially loved by the band's female fans and there is a feeling that by being so open about his relationship with Taylor he will only upset them. The boys are praying that when it does come down to it, he ends things amicably with her. Otherwise, they fear there will be hell to pay."

Still, if the guys are upset, they aren't speaking of it publicly. When asked about Haylor, Louis Tomlinson told Us Weekly, "I'm happy they're good friends," and Payne called Swift a "really lovely girl." For now!

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