A British teenager, told her life was in danger if she didn’t get a liver transplant, has confounded the medical community with a rapid recovery thanks to a rather unconventional diet.

After being diagnosed with liver failure last August, 16-year-old Elle Wilkinson began downing copious amounts of chocolate, chips, bread and cheese. Along with medication, the high-carbohydrate eating plan has improved her health so much that she’s now been removed from transplant lists.

Seems all those carbs are breaking down into sugar and acting as her body’s main source of energy — in fact, if she doesn’t eat enough of them, she could suffer muscle-wastage.

My friends can’t believe it – eating … all sorts of junk food, and not having to worry about the consequences,” Elle said. “It is weird having to eat all these foods excessively when we are told to eat in them only in moderation or risk becoming fat – but I’m not complaining.”

But while she’s made a miraculous recovery, she’s not completely out of the woods. Doctors say she may still need a new liver in the future, so it’s important for her to keep her strength up — which means staying on her enviable diet.

[via Daily Mail]