Saturday night's 108th Border War also marks the 50th Anniversary of the infamous 1966 “Bounce Pass” game between Wyoming and CSU.

Well, it was not infamous in Fort Collins. For the Rams it was infinitely famous. A reunion of that 1966 team will celebrate the memory.

In Wyoming that game was very infamous since the Pokes were robbed of an undefeated season!

It was two years before the first Bronze Boot trophy was awarded in 1968, and 22 years before the NCAA would ban trick plays like the “bounce rooski.”

Basically the quarterback throws a pass to an area that is behind him, deliberately short. The receiver catches the ball off the bounce, and acting all disappointed, as if it was an incomplete pass, the defense relaxes, after what is really a lateral, by rule still a live ball. After a slight pause, to further convince the defense that the play is over, the receiver throws to another totally uncovered receiver.

That play helped the Rams pull off the big upset 50 years ago. Right here in the attached video is what remains the worst moment in Border War history.