Memorial Day is supposed to be the start to the summer season. This day has me craving all of those delicious summer foods.

If you know me, you know that food is my one true love, my bestie, my first language. I can't get enough of food. And with summertime kicking off soon (thanks to Memorial Day weekend), I catch myself dreaming about all of the foods that come with the summer season. I'm talking burgers, watermelon, and more.

And each state does summer differently.

Thanks to Eat This, Not That, we now know the best summer food in every state across this great nation. Whether you agree with their choice for Wyoming or not, we can still salivate over the dishes on this list. So let's strap on the old feedbag and jump right in.

The top summer food for Wyoming is buffalo.

It's hard to argue as it seems like they hit the nail on the head with this one. I also love bison and Wyoming is the best place to get it. I remember the first time I tried buffalo jerky as a kid. I fell in love. It's far superior to beef. So whether it's dried or packed into a patty and thrown on a grill, I'll probably consume my body weight in buffalo this summer.

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