I hear a rumor that we have a season in Wyoming called Fall. After our weather earlier this week, it seems like we kind of skipped that and went directly to winter. Assuming that Fall does happen, there's a new map showing the best time to see those vibrant leaf colors.

There's a very handy interactive map that's been done by Smoky Mountains. It allows you to go week-by-week to see when our Wyoming Fall colors will peak. If you slide that bad boy to the week of September 14, you'll see this.

Smoky Mountains.com

The color you want to see is the orange which means color peak and not the darker orange/brown which means the area is past the peak. If you jump the map ahead to the end of September, you'll see that some parts of northwestern Wyoming are already starting to go past the peak time.

Smoky Mountains.com

To summarize, it would seem if this map is accurate, the best time to see Fall colors in Wyoming would be the last two weeks of September. You might be able to road trip and see some sweet colors early in October, too.

You can mess around with the interactive map for yourself as it allows you to look at all parts of America if you're planning to travel.

Oh, there's one other tiny little detail. We have to assume that it's not gonna snow significantly again before the end of September so we can actually see leaves. This is Wyoming after all, so you never know.

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