This morning I continued on my journey to completing the Couch to 5K program! I started week 2 and the only difference is that instead of doing eight rounds of running for a minute, then walking 90 seconds, you do six rounds of running 90 seconds then walking two minutes. In a nutshell, you don't run anymore, you just run in longer segments, which I assume, works to up your endurance. I'm surprised by how easily I was able to up my time. It's finally working!

Just a few thoughts as I continue my journey... I used to laugh at my step daughter for wearing those athletic/running shorts with the panties built in. Now, I know they're awesome!

Gold Bond... Get it! And if you can, get the friction defense product they have out. It prevents chaffing!

Lastly, everyone keeps asking which race I'm training for. I'm not sure I'm even training for a specific 5K. It's more just for me if that makes any sense. Probably not!