The Walking Dead is one of the most watched cable television shows and has garnered an almost cult like following. After all, who doesn't like zombies, right? This fascination of the undead inspired dancer Daniel Cloud Campos to create: The Dancing Dead.

The short film follows and east L.A. street gang on an ordinary day until the encounter a zombie. After filling it full of lead and coming to the conclusion they can't kill it, they decide to have a little fun. It's pretty cool to watch Campos execute dance moves all the while be shot at in full zombie make-up. Dances range from Michael Jackson to Psy's Gangnam Style to even Elvis.

On pure concept alone, this is one of the most original videos on YouTube and manages to mix in just enough comedy in there as well. Kudos, Mr. Campos.

Campos has quite the resume as a choreographer with one of his most recent works being Zedd's video for Stay the Night which features Paramore lead singer, Haley Williams.