We know that vegetables are good for us, but now one of them could save our lives. Who knew a potato could be heroic? The peeps at PPW Toys did, that’s who. And now they’ve created the Batman Mr. Potato Head.

This masked tuber will make french fries of the Joker and julienne the Riddler. The Penguin will know he’s as good as mashed when he runs into this caped potato.

We’re not sure the Dark Knight is the kind of superhero who sends a very Potato Head message, but we’ll admit that the little guy is quite endearing. Perhaps there should be an entire line of DC Comics Potato Heads and then some kind of Potato Head-inspired movie in which they battle it out until all but one has been made into waffle fries.

For now, if you’re in the market, you can also get an Elvis Mr. Potato Head, KISS Mr. Potato Heads and the Three Stooges Mr. Potato Heads, among others.

[via Gizmodo]