Well bow season is almost upon us, and I have been practicing up with my longbow. I had no idea though you could get an injury like this from shooting. I have been bruised to no end on the arm and cut like that, BUT this one was from my actual arrow.

The arrow sliced my finger where I hold the bow, it was actually pretty deep at the start of the cut.

Most common injuries associated with archery are  hitting the inside of the bow arm at with the string. It can range where you hit sometimes, and I always wear an arm guard but still manage to get some welts and bleed from the string. In this case it was the arrows.

You can also get torn rotator cuffs, tendinitis or impale yourself ( which we hope never happens). There are actually 'archery stretches' you can do.

A lot of the injuries actual occur during summer as bow hunters are preparing for season.


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