The internet can be a very cruel place, and sometimes you can stumble across things that you could have lived a whole life without seeing.  Other times the internet can be a very magical place that keeps the 90's alive and well.  It's like my childhood reliving itself over, and over again.The 90's button, is a website that has only one option, to click the button.  It's got a cool glittery rainbow background and is very "Lisa Frank-esque" with three dancing MC Hammers, and then a button with David Hasselhoff on it that says "Unleash Heaven"  Of course like anyone else on this planet, I will be clicking this heaven unleashing button.

When you click The 90's Button, what pops up is something magical.  A random music video from the 90's.  Every time you push the button a new song comes up. It's like Pandora, but with unlimited skips, no ads, and it's always good music (clearly, it's all 90's music, and what could be better?)Be prepared to waste the next few hours of your life.

I pushed the button, and it gave me this gem, how can you forget the day that the Backstreet Boys bus broke down and they had to stay at a terrifying mansion overnight, in their 'Backstreets Back' music video

I clicked it again and got Savage Garden- 'Truly Madly Deeply'

Go take a look for you and enjoy your trip back in time!