Nancy Reagan was among the most beloved women in America. The former first lady passed away this weekend at the age of 94.

Over the years, the Reagans traveled to Wyoming several times.

Ronald Reagan first passed through the Cowboy State on his way to Los Angeles in the 1930s. According to speech that he would later give as President, Reagan spent the night in Cheyenne and went to see the movie "A Star is Born."

Reagan joked that the film, which depicts the struggles of a Hollywood star, almost convinced him to turn around and go back to Iowa.

In 1968, as Governor of California, Reagan returned to the Capital City, delivering the keynote speech at the Wyoming Republican Convention.

In 1976, during his first presidential campaign, Reagan hosted a rally in Casper.

As President, Reagan revisited Cheyenne on March, 2, 1982, campaigning for Wyoming Senator Malcolm Wallop at Storey Gymnasium.

On Oct. 28, 1982, President Reagan stumped for Wallop and then Congressman Dick Cheney at the Natrona County International Airport in Casper.

In 1992, the former President and First Lady vacationed at the Lost Creek Ranch near Moose, Wyoming. During their stay, the Reagans were spotted visiting several stores and restaurants in and around Jackson.

According to the Wyoming State Archives, Ulysses Grant was the first President to visit the Cowboy State, when he delivered a speech in Cheyenne in the late 1870s.

After it was granted statehood in 1890, only two Presidents, Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison, never came to Wyoming. Coincidentally, Harrison's grandson, William Harrison later moved to Wyoming and served five terms in Congress from 1951 - 1969.

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