An old soldier has been laid to rest.

Another member of the greatest generation, the Reverend Leonard Robinson was buried Friday afternoon at the Oregon Trail Veterans Cemetery in Evansville.

The Reverend Robinson was once Staff Sergeant Robinson, who was serving in the US Army in the Philippines when the Japanese invaded shortly after Pearl Harbor.

He was part of one of the most notorious war crimes in the 20th century, the Bataan Death March, when more than 70,000 American and Filipino POW’s were marched 60 miles. Over 650 Americans died.

Robinson was the last known Wyoming survivor.

He survived not only the march, but 3 years in a prison camp, later entered the ministry and died on Tuesday, two days after the 73rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

His service at Emmanuel Baptist Church was filled to overflowing with friends, family and fellow veterans.

A 7-gun salute and the playing of taps marked the end of a miraculous story of survival, and triumph over the odds.

The Reverend Leonard Robinson was 95.