Fellas, if you fantasize about settling down with an insanely rich girl...and let's face the facts, there is no shame in that...you need to pay attention. Today we are here to introduce to you the richest woman in all 50 states, including the richest girl in Wyoming. 

Out of the gates, let's get you aquatinted with the richest woman of any state...Astrid Menks from Nebraska...worth $66 BILLION. Who is this girl? It's the wife of Warren Buffett, so technically his money is hers too. Kinda feels like a a cheat, but ah, well.

And in Montana, the richest woman is Marianne Liebmann who is worth $3.4 billion. Marianne landed an estimated 6% of Cargill, the global food giant with $135 billion in revenues.

Our richest woman married to a rich man is Christy Walton, one the heirs of a place you may have heard of...Walmart, anyone? Christy is from Wyoming with $37.6 billion.

(The map actually points out the "poorest" richest woman is in Maryland, with $3.6 million, but she's actually worth $3.6 billion.  Uh . . . oops.)