Halloween is upon us and every year we hear stories about ghosts and paranormal activity. A group dedicated to helping people study paranormal phenomena in the Rocky Mountains was organized in 1999 and is called The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society.

They seem to be mainly a Denver based area but explore ghostly paranormal activity in the Rocky Mountain region.

One creepy story that I clicked on and instantly got an eerie feeling was the one about the Stanley Hotel in Colorado... just the looks of it says ghost and haunted to me.

Another one about a 'Casino Ghost' in Cripple Creek with a Phantom Canyon which is a real area.

They have a whole list of stories submitted by visitors, and people from all over the area who have had odd activity they have documented. According to Wikipedia the leads of the organization are Bryan & Baxter, "who are a paranormal claims investigation team composed of Bryan Bonner and Matthew M. Baxter."