The coaches are eager to fill their teams with the required 12 singers, so spots filled up on Week 3 of the Blind Auditions of Season 2 of ‘The Voice.’ We see them still encouraging each other to push the button for singers they think are right for the other, with Christina Aguilera often encouraging Adam Levine and Cee Lo to push their giant buzzers, while Blake Shelton muses about contestants being good-looking.

Host Carson Daly has a hard job, stationing himself backstage with the singer’s families and friends, expressing frustration and bewilderment when the judges don’t turn their chairs around. He’s in an unenviable position of having to comfort families when contestant dreams are destroyed. But he remains likeable and supportive the whole time.

We’re wondering if the judges are getting whiplash from turning around so fast, too.

We’ve noticed that Shelton almost always turns his chair around immediately. He just knows from the get-go. Levine is incredibly picky and bends over his button while absorbing a perf. Xtina and Cee Lo also take quite some time to smash their buzzers. Shelton truly makes this show funny. One question though. What’s with the cat that Cee Lo was cradling during his interviews?

Here’s your PopCrush recap of the third week of ‘The Voice’ and the blind auditions.

Ducky: He’s 26 and from Carlisle, Penn. He’s a painter of murals and possessor of a curly-cue mustache. He sang ‘Tighten Up’ while wearing red shoes. He sang with a strong, smoky, rock ‘n’ roll voice but none of the coaches turned their chairs around. WTF, coaches? He was good.

Jonathas: This well-coifed 23-year-old is a father of two and his kids are too freakin’ cute. He is also from South America and emigrated north knowing absolutely no English. He sang ‘U Got It Bad’ in a buttery, silky smooth voice like Usher, while his gyrating pelvis got the ladies on their feet. Cee Lo and Christina wanted him, since he played to their urban sensibility. He chose Xtina. [Watch It here]

Monique Benabou: A Nor Cal girl with loads of curls who took care of her breast cancer-riddled mother while in college, Monique is perkier than a cup of coffee and looks a bit like Gloria Estefan. She sang Kelly Clarkson‘s ‘Mr. Know It All’ with a crystalline, femme voice and remained consistent throughout. Xtina chose her. [Watch It here]

Naia Kete: This dreadlocked artist is a street musician at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. She performed ‘The Lazy Song’ by Bruno Mars, strumming her guitar and showing range in an earthy style. Blake turned his chair around immediately, and was followed by Cee Lo. She sounds like a Blake-preferred singer (remember Dia and Xenia?) so she chose him. They are a perfect fit. [Watch It here]

Charlotte Sometimes: A disintegrating jaw nearly stopped this fairytale-monikered New Jersey singer from doing her thing. She had her jaw wired shut and wrote songs on the guitar while recovering, humming the melodies. She sang ‘Apologize’ and sounded like Lana Del Rey, Florence Welch and last season’s Xenia. All four coaches wanted her and she chose Blake. Another wise choice, since he really does have the magic touch with the female singers.

Erick Macek: Erick’s parents came from the former Czechoslovakia to give him a better life. He is pursuing the American dream and sang ‘Free Fallin” in what we thought was an Adam Levine-approved voice but no one was fallin’ for him or turned around. For the second time tonight, WTF coaches?

Tony Vincent: ‘Rent,’ ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘American Idiot’ litter his resume. He’s a Broadway veteran at 38, but his heart is in the pop world and he wants to be on ‘The Voice’ because of its integrity. He bravely sang ‘We Are the Champions’ and had dramatic range like Freddie Mercury. Cee Lo chose him. It is a perfect match, since Cee Lo is, as Shelton put it, the king of over-the-top. [Watch It here]

Anthony Evans: A pastor’s son, 33-year-old Anthony has gospel singer history. He sang ‘What’s Going On’ and Cee Lo was thisclose to picking him when Christina snatched him up. [Watch It here]

Jamie Lono: The sandwich maker who had a lung removed soulfully sang ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and Adam Levine turned around within seconds, which is rare for him. Cee Lo followed suit. Lono said “I make sandwiches for a living” to which Cee Lo replied, “I eat sandwiches” so that’s cosmic proof they should hook up, professionally speaking. That sealed the deal. [Watch It here]

Dylan Chambers: His mother has a Broadway background. He sang ‘Valerie’ in a show tune style with a falsetto. But no judge chose him. For the third time tonight, WTF, coaches?

Justin Hopkins: He was the guitarist in the house band for ‘Last Call With Carson Daly.’ He sang a rugged version of ‘Babylon’ and before he did so, he said he wanted Cee Lo to chose him. Well he got ‘em. [Watch It here]

Nicolle Galyon: Nicolle wants to be the girl who brings piano to country music, to which everyone tells her she needs to take up the guitar. She has a sweet girl twang like Taylor Swift. She offered up a sensitive rendition of Kenny Chesney‘s ‘You Save Me.’ The always-picky Adam Levine chose her, calling her “special.”

Ashley de la Rosa: Xtina chose her for her version of ‘Sharks in the Water.’ This was a truncated audition, so we saw like 10 seconds.

Jordan Rager: Great name. He sang Zac Brown Band‘s ‘Chicken Fried’ and of course the country coach Shelton chose him, calling him a “real, genuine country singer.” See above re: shortened audition.

Karla Davis: She sang The Band Perry‘s ‘If I Die Young,’ which got her drafted to Adam’s team. Another 10 second performance.

Alyx: Blake selected her after her version of ‘Just Like a Pill’ by Pink. We saw about 11 seconds of her aud, but we know Blake and the ladies do well.

Eric Tipton: At six feet tall and 300 lbs., he sings old school soul. He could have been this season’s Nakia! He sang ‘You Make My Dreams’ by Hall and Oates but no one chose him. Boo. We liked him. That’s the fourth WTF, coaches?

Mathai: She is from a family of doctors, but chose music over med school. Her dreamy (and ballsy) take on Adele‘s ‘Rumor Has It’ had all the male coaches turned around for her. She chose Adam. [Watch It here]