With only two episodes remaining this year, the worlds of 'The Walking Dead' have officially begun to collide, setting us up for a tense showdown between Woodbury and the prison as we reach the midway point of the season. Following last night's "Hounded," a few members of Rick's group have been taken hostage at the idyllic Woodbury, while Rick himself encounters an unfamiliar face waiting outside the prison, so what happens next? Check out two new clips from "When the Dead Come Knocking" to find out!

Rick Grimes, meet Michonne. You're going to need her if you want to keep feeding your newborn baby, as well as retrieve Glenn and Maggie from the clutches of the villainous Merle! Of course, this being 'The Walking Dead' and all, Rick isn't about to trust the first stranger who wanders up to the prison gates, seeming a bit taken aback by the mysterious woman.

In the first clip from Sunday's all new 'The Walking Dead' episode "When the Dead Come Knocking," Rick silently watches Michonne outside the fence while she handles her own against a slew of walkers, but the real danger lies over in Woodbury! A second clip sees Glenn in bad shape at the hands of Merle, refusing to give up the location of his prison sanctuary.

Will Rick and the others come to trust Michonne? How will they react to learning of Glenn and Maggie's capture, let alone news of Merle and Andrea's survival? Will they come face to face with the Governor? And what of poor Glenn? Check out the clips below, and give us your 'Walking Dead' predictions in the comments!