Britney Spears once joked that her family is “country” when she was caught driving with one of her sons on her lap. She was commenting on being from the south and doing things a little differently. However, it’s the pop diva’s Southern charm and her big, ear-to-ear smile that impressed those British and Irish boys from the Wanted the most when they met her. It’s better than being forced to turn the other way and face the wall and not make eye contact with the star.

The Wanted, who opened for Brit on her ‘Femme Fatale’ trek at one point, were taken with the ‘Toxic’ singer’s smile, with Jay McGuiness breaking it down, saying, “Everyone knows Britney, like from the age of being a kid you saw her swinging herself around in a school uniform, and to see that smile in real life was like, really surreal but great. She’s got that Southern charm, that Southern Americans have, and it was really cool.”

The Wanted weren’t the only ones transfixed by Brit’s grin and her charm. Makeup artist Billy B posted on his Facebook page about finally getting the opp to work with Spears.

He posted: “This old HILLBILLYB finally got to work with Britney Spears…. She is a very sweet, very professional, kind and beautiful girl. When you point a camera at her, she becomes, before your very eyes, The most Fantastic example of what a STAR is, and why she is BRITNEY SPEARS.It was truly 2 days of pure pleasure…. If only all of MY days at work could be like the last 2 days…. ..IT wouldnt feel like work. It would be what my job can and should be… a productive, rewarding, respectful, creative collaboration.”

Wow! Brit knows how to win ‘em over, no matter what the age, occupation or circumstance. No wonder she’s already a fan favorite as an ‘X Factor‘ judge!

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