It takes a lot to impress me. Now that we got that out of the way, this chick is like a ninja with a hula hoop!!! Her name is Rachael Lust (yes, that's her real name, although Lust is her married surname) and awesome just doesn't quite do her justice.

I've seen some pretty cool tricks with hula hoops before so when I first came across this video, I wasn't sure I was going to actually take the time out of my day to watch it. But then I noticed her stretch pants were made to resemble Iron Man's bottom half. Okay... cool points earned. You have my attention. Then the music started, which is "Groove" by Oiki... now you got me. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention, she's nice to look at as well.

Once the time the video hit the 1:00 minute mark, I was hooked! As a dancer myself and a martial arts aficionado, I was beyond astounding by her prowess. Considering the fact she's at almost 600k views and this video has only been up about 2 weeks, there's nothing more to say but watch it for yourself and prepared to be amazed!!!