Ne-Yo and Timbaland have stepped up (we love it when we make puns) and released their video for ‘Hands in the Air,’ a song off the soundtrack to the upcoming film ‘Step Up Revolution.’ While no ‘Step Up’ sequel will ever compare to the original or even the second installment, at least we can count on some pretty sick music to accompany what will probably be a so-so movie.

Filmed at The Vault Nightclub & Lounge in Los Angeles, the video is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a club banger with tons of dancers making you question why you ever quit dance class in the first place. That’s where the envy ends though, because the camaraderie between the video’s two stars is ever present. “This is one of the great ones, we don’t have a lot of great ones in the world,” said Timbaland of Ne-Yo in a behind the scenes clip. “He’s one of ‘em.” “And he’s one of ‘em,” said Ne-Yo about Timbaland.

Although the majority of the video takes place in the club, there are a few fun scenes featuring street dancers outside and ‘Step Up Revolution’ star Kathryn McCormick performing a little routine on the beach. But the fun addition to the concept of the vid is when water and paint — yes, paint — are sprayed on the dancers in the middle of club as they bump and grind away to the soon-to-be hit.

McCormick basically breaks it down in the video with a choreographed chair number — the outfit and chair remind us of Britney Spears a little too much, but we’ll take it. Also, we kind of can’t stop singing Ne-Yo’s line, “If you’re standing on them soft couch cushions / Careful not to break your concentration.”

‘Hands in the Air’ is available for purchase now, and the entire soundtrack to ‘Step Up Revolution’ will be released on July 17. The film hits theaters on July 27.

Watch the Timbaland ‘Hands In the Air’ Feat. Ne-Yo