Timeflies teamed up with Take Boston, the event startup launched by two Boston college students, to help raise money for One Fund Boston, which benefits the victims of the marathon bombing tragedy that took place on April 15.

Elliot Grainge of Northeastern University and Robbie Earl of Boston University of Take Boston hosted a Timeflies afterparty on April 18 at Lansdowne Pub and raised $6,000 in benefit funds. Timeflies played a gig that drew over 3,000 fans at House of Blues. About 600 of the fans from the show hit the afterparty, which the band mentioned on stage, thus extending the invite.

In addition to the six grand raised by the afterparty, Timeflies donated their entire merch haul from the HoB show to One Fund, elevating the total raised to $13,000. That's an amazingly generous act, as most bands survive based on the merch that they sell while on the road. So for Timeflies to donate it all to the One Fund was a classy and selfless move.

Well done, gentlemen.

Timeflies posed with the Take Boston dudes in the photo above. That's Robbie Earl and Elliot Grainge of Take Boston on the left, and of course, Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick of Timeflies on the right.

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