Tinashe needs some company this evening. So, do you wanna come over?

Like her fave Britney, our beloved, ever-versatile "Player" babe is on the prowl for some hot NSA fun with "Company," the latest, bedroom-ready offering from her forthcoming Aquarius follow-up record, Joyride. (UK House? Spanish? Bedroom bangers? She's serving up every sonic flavor this era.)

As opposed to bubbly summer pop bop "SuperLove," the sensual, hi hat-tripping, glitchy synth-peppered "Company" keeps things kicked back and chill as Tinashe shifts back into the urban lane yet again, musically cruising somewhere between Amethyst jam "Looking 4 It" and last year's "Party Favors." For fans of her moodier past work, "Company" is a welcome comedown — and a sexy come-on.

Her mission statement is nothing if not straightforward: "I just need a moment, f--k and leave," the "2 On" superstar entices. (What a LYRIC.)

She's got one thing on her mind this time around — and it sure ain't your heart: "You could say you had it all, no strings / I don't need the loving, no / So don't make this something, see / I'm nothing like a girlfriend / I'm not like someone I'm supposed to be."

No drama. No expectations. No catching feelings. Hey, the girl knows exactly what she wants. Ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of fun sometimes, y'know?

Listen to "Company" below, or grab it on Apple Music.

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