You know how Miley Cyrus' pot-smoking, twerking, faux edginess seems, well, faux? According to one rapper, that's because it is. Tinie Tempah claims that Cyrus' new image is all fake -- and that she's doing it all 100 percent right.

"She's branding herself as Miley Cyrus, she's picking the right moment to do the right thing," Tinie explained to The Daily Mirror (via Express). "It's not like you ever catch her off camera or hear about her in a private club. That never happens. It's only when she's on TV, at an awards show."

Amazing point, right? And probably something a lot of people didn't even realize until he pointed it out.

"She picks the right moment to do things to get people talking ... she clearly has a plan," Tinie continued. "She's clearly trying to get everyone talking about her. And everyone is talking about her so therefore she's getting what she wants out of it and her album is selling really well and people are buying her music so it seems like the plan is working."

Well, hot damn -- it really is.