Ever see something simultaneously ever-so-slightly disturbing and yet overwhelmingly, incredibly adorable? If not, meet Marek, a viral three-year-old with a lot of self-confidence — and a deep appreciation for LMFAO.

Marek, in his pajamas and bare feet, begins in a kitchen staring at a laptop. He struggles to keep up with the lyrics, but it’s evident that he’s singing along to ‘Sexy and I Know It‘ by the apologetic party rockers. He gently stomps one foot, then the next, before his first clear enunciation: “I work out!

Sounds precious, right? Wait a little longer until Marek — again, a three-year-old — pretends to rip off his pants and gyrate into the camera, then tumbles on his floor. He gets up and starts singing again, extra passionately but still not quite clearly — until his favorite line, “I work out!” He once more gyrates, points to his crotch (c’mon, man, you’re three!) and wiggles his entire body, his adorable head coming dangerously close to the countertop behind him.

For the rest of the song, the tot wiggles and raps some more, until the conclusion — where he appears to play leap frog with an invisible partner across his kitchen floor.

This is where Marek is most adamant. He has passion (or are those OverNites?) in his pants, and he ain’t afraid to show it. The tyke yells, loudly and clearly: “I’m sexy and I know it!

Watch Marek Sing and Dance to ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’