There's bound to be some underwear dancing going on after Tom Cruise's 2009 wiretapping case was finally dismissed in a Los Angeles courtroom earlier this week.

E! News reports the suit was filed by Michael Davis Sapir, former editor of Bold Magazine, who said Cruise and his attorney Bert Fields snooped on him with the aid of disgraced private investigator Anthony Pellicano.

The spying allegedly took place years before Pellicano's 2008 conviction on wiretapping and racketeering charges, wherein he and four co-defendants were found guilty of 76 out of the 77 counts against them. (We're dying to know more about the one count where the jurors were all "oh, he's totally innocent of THAT one.")

Sapir believed Cruise had him bugged after Sapir claimed he had proof that Tom was engaged in a gay relationship (before he hooked up with ex Katie Holmes). That proof -- like many a tabloid boast -- never came to pass, and the case was settled in November.

Judge Elihu Berle ruled the statute of limitations on the wiretapping claim had run its course, so Sapir was too little, too late on suing the 'Jack Reacher' star. Ergo, the dismissal of that case on Monday, March 18.

So that's one less thing Tom has to worry about. Now he can dedicate more time to his other pending litigation -- and, of course, to freeing his thetans once and for all.