Having a web presence for your business, organization, or group is a must in this day and age.  The internet is the first place most people go when looking for information or a service.  There is a massive abundance of terrible websites out there, and you don't want your site to be one of them.  Here are the top 5 reasons you need a new website.

The internet is full of successful websites that bring people in and give them a good experience.  On the other hand, the internet has just as many awful websites.  You do not want to be grouped in the bad ones.  When a consumer finds a poor quality site that just looks bad, amatuer, or is just plain confusion they will leave and never return.  If your website falls under any of the following,  you may want to consider a new site.

Top 5 Reasons You Need A New Website

#5.  Your site has not been updated in years.  Looks like it was built in the 90's

#4.  Your site uses awful, unprofessional fonts.

#3.  Your site has no style, has obnoxious backgrounds and images.


#2.  Unorganized content and poor structure.  Overlapping links and text.


#1.  Your website does not exist.  You have no web presence.


Do you need a website or website help?  Would you like your business to be found online.  Townsquare Media is excited to be able to offer Townsquare Interactive – a complete online marketing solution.  Let our industry leading team of experts partner with you to create a Total Web Presence for your small business.

Our services include :

  • High Quality Web Design
  • Mobile-Optimized Websites (are you tired of your website being difficult to see on your phone?)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO – get found, online)
  • Social Media Publishing (do you understand the benefits of facebook and other social media, and have time to take advantage of them?)
  • Reputation Management (let us notify you when your customers review your business on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere online)