5pm UPDATE: County Fire Marshall Bob Fawcett tells K2 Radio News that the evacuation order is officially lifted.

He reminds those returning to their homes that fire crews are still on the scene, and to be very careful driving, and give them the right of way. He says they will be in the area for the next few days.

It has been a good day on the fire line. There has been no spread of the fire, and though aerial spotters were in the air today, there was no need for an air drop of retardant.

The official size of the burn area remains at 10,116 acres.


4 pm UPDATE: Due to road closures and emergency evacuations as a result of the Cole Creek Fire, the Postal Service is unable to deliver to approximately 400 addresses along Cole Creek Road.
All mail will be held at the Casper Post Office, 411 No. Forest Drive, until the roads reopen and it’s deemed safe to deliver.

If customers want to retrieve their mail, it can be picked up during normal office hours, M-F, 830 to 5:00 and Saturday 9-12. Bring valid identification.

All accumulated mail will be delivered once the restrictions are removed.

Future delivery decisions will be made after consulting with local emergency managers.


1pm UPDATE: Authorities have set 5 pm as the time residents of the Cole Creek area can return to their homes assuming there are no more unforseen problems.


Natrona County Fire Marshall Bob Fawcett tells K2 Radio News that fire crews today are slowly controlling the Cole Creek fire.

But, he says the area contained is still about 50% of the burn area.
They are dealing with small hot spots and taking down trees that have been burned.
Fawcett says that the situation is much better today with no major flare ups reported, and air tankers will be making runs as well.
For those evacuated from the area, authorities say 5pm today is the target time for lifting the evacuation order.