Canada has more young, world-class, musically talented people then you may know. That's right... I'm talking other than Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen. This week's Turntable Tuesday spotlight shines on DJ A-Trak.

I first saw A-Trak spin in 1997, for the DMC World Championship contest. HE WAS 15 AT THE TIME!!! I was blown away by his skills. Now at the age of 31, the Moroccan and Russian turntablist born Alain Macklovitch, is one of the world's premier DJs. He's been Kanye West's hand-picked tour DJ since 2004, as well as laying down the scratches for two of his albums. A-Trak also has a multitude of endorsement deals from Nike to DJ equipment powerhouse, Serato.

A-Trak was the first DJ to win all three major DJ competition titles (DMC, ITF and Vestax), as well as being the first DJ to win five World Championships. This video is his awesome performance in 1997, before he was even old enough to drive.