A group enjoying the North Platte River did the right thing Thursday when two of them were stranded on an island and realized it wasn't worth trying to swim for it.

Friends called Casper Fire-EMS, which responded to the Whitewater Park for a search and rescue, Capt. Jason Spicer said.

"The report was two victims on the island that got separated from their life jackets," Spicer said.

The women were on an island on the north side of the river about 20 yards from shore, but that was 20 yards too far.

"It sounds like the victims recognized they were a little out of their element, out of their skill level, so they got to a safe spot and called for help," Spicer said.

He declined to release the women's names.

This week marks the year anniversary when 11-year-old Alex Cressy drowned in the river. His death was the 13th drowning in the river in the Casper area since 1990. That prompted greater public awareness of the dangers of the river, and more efforts to make life jackets and lifesaving devices available.

Tom Morton, Townsquare Media