A College Station, Texas woman believes that honesty is indeed the best policy.

Unemployed teacher Candace Scott found $20,000 on the side of the road and elected to return it.

Scott was in her car Tuesday when she drove over a bag. Thinking it was a diaper, she stopped to see what was inside, only to discover it was a Chase Bank bag filled with $100 bills that was heading to an ATM before it was lost.

Scott says she never once considered keeping the money, electing instead to go to a Chase branch with the cash. For her actions, the bank rewarded Scott with a $500 gift card.

Scott, who recently moved to College Station, says she hopes this incident will spell good karma for her and that someone, seeing her moral compass is intact, will want to hire her as a teacher after learning about what happened. She said, "There is some reason for me finding that money. I don't know what it is yet." Watch a news report on this Good Samaritan below.