Some Casper Star-Tribune subscribers were disturbed by the newspaper's choice for the front page on Monday, Dec. 17. Anyone who received a physical newspaper (yes, they still exist) would have read "No More 'Liquid People' - Natrona County Coroner is the first in Wyoming to use heat-sealed plastic body bags" as the above-the-fold feature story.

Not being a subscriber myself, I first learned of the story on Facebook. Clearly, I was not the only person to see the status update on the Trib's Wall. Those commenting on the story pulled no punches and made it clear that they were not pleased with either the timing or the subject matter of the story.

"No More Liquid People!" -- Unbelievably bad taste, CS-T. Crass, vulgar, insensitive, juvenile, disgusting, horrifying, disrespectful, unprofessional. You owe this community a sincere apology. [I would hope the coroner has thoroughly chewed you out by now. You have harmed her reputation and respectability.]

Casper Star Tribune Facebook Comments

What strikes me as odd is the complete absence of support for the Star-Tribune in this matter. Even the recent outbreak of food poisoning associated with the recently-opened Golden Corral brought supports out of the woodwork. Does NO ONE agree with the paper's decision?

Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think. Was the article inappropriate? Why?

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