Wow! A 14-year-old video interview of a young Murda Ma$e and Kanye West recently surfaced online and it’s mind-boggling to see. Filmed during Jermaine Dupri‘s birthday party in September 1998, Ma$e and Yeezy looked like teenagers at a high school dance.

Ma$e, who was the prince of Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records at the time, was being interviewed by Coodie (of directing duo Coodie & Chike) about his new rap group Harlem World. After dodging questions about rumors of sexing Brandy, Ma$e passes the mic to a young and almost unrecognizable Kanye.

Even back then ‘Ye was dressing real fly with his circular gold frames, dress shirt and blazer. Kanye seemed happy as a clam and enjoying the spotlight, which is totally unlike him today. He grabs the mic from Coodie and goes on to shout out Harlem World and his homies from Chicago. “Chi-town represent. Somebody from the crib made it down here, boy!” he yells.

If you didn’t know, Kanye produced a couple of tracks on Harlem World’s debut album ‘The Movement.’ The song Kanye references to with Nas is called ‘You Made Me” and is track No. 2 on the album

After their debut album, Harlem World disbanded and was never heard from again, while Kanye went on to become a world famous super-producer. Check out the the humble beginnings of Mr. West. You gotta love the Internet, folks.