Miley Cyrus confirms that she’s pretty much perfect for her ‘Two And a Half Men’ role as Missi in the latest preview from her guest arc on the show.

Cyrus is a fast-talking firecracker in the new preview, she introduces herself to Jon Cryer’s character, speaking so quickly that it’s almost hard to understand her. (Could you imagine if English wasn’t your first language? Yikes!) “I’m Missi! Everyone thinks it’s short for Melissa, but it’s actually short for Mississippi,” she rambles. “The river, not the state!”

In another scene, Cyrus sports short shorts with a low-cut orange tank and matching bikini underneath. She chats up Ashton Kutcher’s Walden, telling him, “I could just lay out in the sun all day. Back home I have to get a spray tan, and sometimes it comes out orange,” she rambles, “which is totally fine during Halloween!” Cryer’s Alan later tells Walden that Missi is a pistol, with Walden replying exasperatedly, “More like an AK-47!”

Cyrus’ guest starring role places her as the love interest for Jake (Angus T. Jones), an experience she deemed somewhat “creepy” to film — but then got behind.

Miley’s motormouth Missi makes her debut this Thursday at 8:30 PM ET on CBS in the episode ‘You Do Know What the Lollipop’s For.’ Cheeky!