A string of hot days is upon us. It is summer, after all.

Imagine if you had to walk around all day wearing a big, heavy, fur coat. Add to that, you carry a lot of fat and muscle. Days like these can suck for you.

This is why most bears travel up as high as they can get in the summer. It's just so much cooler up there and they can find a few lakes to dip in.

Yet still, one must take advantage of what one finds.

This bear found a pool full of fish in somebody's backyard and decided to take a dip.

Watch the video and listen to the poor guy pant.

I bet the fish were a little freaked out. What if this bear is also hungry?

Well, actually the answer to that is rather funny.

He sits and pants, takes a sip or two, then spots the fish. The fish actually freak him out and he scampers out of the water.

But what if you're a mama bear and you have kids?


This mama bear took full advantage of this backyard pool and her kids seem to be having a great time. So is the human kid who is having fun watching it all from the house.

What do bears make of chlorine in pools?

Maybe it just stops them from drinking it.

Here is a shot of a Los Angeles home where a bear finds a luxury pool and decides to take a little while to float around. Neighbors called local news channels and a helicopter was sent out to have a look.

Can't blame the bears. It's probably a good thing that we humans provide so much opportunity for them on these hot days.

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