I was recently eavesdropping on a conversation between two fisherman. The conversation had me teetering between hysterical laughter and sheer anger. After living in this state my entire life, I have found that every outdoor recreation has, what I call, "naturalist's." For me, "naturalist's" are like the hipsters of the outdoors. They form somewhat of a clique, and if your not with them, you are garbage.

To continue, these two fisherman were talking about all the new fly fishing gear they ordered online. From listening to their conversation, you would have thought they were from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."  They were arguing over who's gear was more expensive and therefore better.

Then they got into a debate about what patterns were going to work the best and who had the better collection of flies. And not just any flies, they were calling out the names of the person who tied the flies. As if it was some kind of brand or artisan fly tying company, that only applied to the elite.

The arrogance was astounding. Much like the guys in the following hilarious video.

Have fun in the outdoors, and if you see someone in head to toe designer gear. Prove to them you can out fish or out hunt them. It is so satisfying.