Most people in Wyoming love the outdoors and grow to appreciate the beauty nature provides for us.  From the deer and elk spotted grazing from the roads to the birds singing in our own backyards, Wyoming offers a huge variety of animals and insects for those willing to take look.

But this morning I came across a huge moth and didn't know what type it was, so I did what most curious folks do and I googled it.  I've seen lots of moths and butterflies and know just enough to tell the difference.

Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media


But this large creature looked a lot like a moth I discovered a couple years back (a Vine Sphinx Moth) but was slightly different in shading.  After a quick search I discovered I had come across another Sphinx Moth, but this was a different species - a White-Lined Sphinx Moth.

The White-Lined Sphinx Moth is sleek and streamlined like a fighter jet, but has pink under wings which along with the striped wings help to quickly distinguish it from others.

Larger than most moths in Wyoming you might spot one or two if you're looking for them in the early morning and late evening hours.  The love to hover over flowers and can even be mistaken for a small bird if not viewed closely.  In fact, I came across this video of one White Lined Sphinx Moth and discovered it's also known as the 'Hummingbird Moth'.

Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media