You may have already heard the news that Budweiser will be temporarily changing it's name to simply "America." It is a marketing plan to incite patriotism with it's customers. It is the all american beer. Pretty genius, if you ask me. Especially since Anheuser-Busch was bought out by a company out of Belgium.

If we had to pick a beer that represents Wyoming, what would it be? And I'm NOT talking about local micro brews, but national brands that sell happiness one can at a time.

The folks at Estately suggested a beer that best represents each of the 50 states. So what did they choose for Wyoming?


Estately explains:

Stocking your cooler with cans emblazoned with commonly hunted game is a surefire way to distract your buddies from the crochet projects strewn around your remote Wyoming cabin. After all, Schmidt is the “Official Beer of the American Sportsman.”

Wyoming—It’s like voluntary solitary confinement.