There are so many awesome movies coming out between this Friday (December 14th, 2018) and Christmas, but which one will Casperites be flocking to first?

Here's a list of the heavy hitters that will be released between December 14th and the 21st.


  • 1


    Everyone loves Jason Mamoa, but can even his good looks and massive bod bring the DCEU back on the rise, especially considering how boring of a character Aquaman initially was? We think the answer is a resounding YES!

  • 2

    Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse

    This is everything a Spider-Man fan could ever hope for! This is what happens when you meld the Spider-people from several different Marvel universes. We're just glad this was done as an animated film.

  • 3

    Mortal Engines

    Whether you're a fan of the original novels or just really into the "steampunk" genre, this is sure to be a hit for all ages.

  • 4

    Mary Poppins Returns

    If you're old enough to remember the classic Walt Disney film from 1964, this looks to be an excellent sequel. Set to take place just 20 years after the first movie, our only complaint is that it has taken so long!

  • 5


    This is the Transformers movie that all the true hardcore fans have been waiting for! It's a prequel of the other films in the series, but has all the G1 characters in their original 1984 forms. If you loved the original cartoon, this should be the best Transformers live action film to date!

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