If you are going to shake hands with Justin Bieber, make sure your hands are very clean. The singer admitted in a recent The Sunday Times profile that he hates having sticky hands and has to use a washcloth whenever his paws get dirty.

How did the interviewer broach this particular topic? Well, it was born of a chat about Mariah Yeater, the gold-digger (cue the Kanye West song) who said Bieber fathered her son after a bathroom tryst at the Staples Center. He was asked if he had to provide a semen sample for the DNA test that he readily took to prove his innocence and lack of paternity. He quickly replied, “No,” somewhat horrified at the notion of having to provide, um, evidence in such fashion. “I just had to do, um, it was just DNA, so I didn’t have to do any, like, that type of sample. They just put the swab to my mouth for DNA.”

Then the conversation seemed to turn towards the Biebs’ cleanliness. “I hate getting sticky stuff off my hands. I’ve always had, like a phobia – not a phobia, but if I get stuff on my hands, I have to have a washcloth to wash my hands because it just gets so annoying.”

Washcloths? Hmm, that seems a bit inefficient. Beliebers, why don’t you stock up on those anti-bacterial gels at Bath & Body Works and bring them to shows and gift the Biebs with ‘em? They’re like a buck a piece, they smell amazing, have seasonal scents and are good at ridding the hands of general germs and stickiness.

Wait, did we just create a monster? Don’t be pelting Bieber with them while on stage, either.

Thanks to Justin Bieber Zone for posting the full interview. And remember: Cleanliness is next to Biebliness.

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